Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Teachers play a critical role in educating and shaping our children into the future leaders of our country. These kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated, and understanding professionals help mold our children and guide them in positive directions. We entrust our children with teachers during the school year and they play a pivotal role in their lives daily.

Tuesday, May 7 is Teacher Application Day and the best gift for teachers is to receive a thoughtful letter or note from a student or parent, telling the teacher how they have impacted the student during the academic year.

Teacher Appreciation Day

The official history of Teacher Appreciation Week dates back to 1953 when First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded Congress that there needed to be a specific day to recognize teachers. Even with Eleanor Roosevelt taking the case to Congress and getting their help and support, it would take another 27 years to become an official national day. It was in 1980 when the National Education Association (NEA) joined with the Kansas and Indiana State Boards of Education and began to lobby Congress to have the day nationally recognized.

WEA would like to thank all teachers for their effort, time, dedication, encouragement, instruction, and praise that they give each student everyday!

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