Benefits of Being a WEA Member

Explore the benefits of WEA membership: empowering educators with advocacy, professional growth, and exclusive perks.

WEA Member Benefits:

Membership in WEA, the most significant “Wall-to-Wall” Association in the state representing all job classifications in Westminster Public Schools, offers many benefits. This inclusive representation fosters a collaborative environment, amplifying our collective strength and earning respect. Through unified advocacy efforts, WEA ensures fair wages, benefits, job security, and improved working conditions for all members.

In addition to advocacy, WEA provides a supportive community of educators for networking and professional development. Members can access resources, programs, and support to enhance their skills and advance their careers. Furthermore, WEA offers tangible benefits such as legal support, professional liability insurance, and exclusive discounts on various products and services.

Overall, membership in WEA signifies a commitment to professional excellence and access to invaluable support and resources for educators to thrive in their careers. With inclusive representation, collaborative advocacy, and comprehensive benefits, WEA empowers members to make a meaningful impact in education.

Professional Advocacy:

  • WEA negotiates for decent raises, affordable healthcare, job security, and workplace improvement.
  • WEA/CEA advocates for students, public education, and educator rights. 
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Internal lawyers to support you, the educator in your profession.

Professional Development:

  • CEA COpilot (Colorado Professional Institute for Learning Online Together)
    • allows users to create their bundles and receive a set discount rate based on how many classes they take! 
    • Essentially, the more enrollments you add to a single transaction, the bigger the discount you receive.
  • Provides opportunities to grow your local, state, and national leadership skills.

Attorney Referral Program:

  • Provides you and your family with affordable legal help for personal matters.

Legislative Advocacy:

  • The association advocates for District Salaries and working conditions.
  • Public school funding
  • Transparency with school finances
  • Protecting your PERA

NEA Member Benefits:

  • Discounts for auto & home insurance,
  • Life Insurance at no cost to you.
  • Personal Finance Services: Line of credit, money market accounts, mortgages, personal loans and more
  • Travel and leisure activities
  • Debt reduction advice
  • Retirement Saving.
  • Resources for Family & Wellness, Student Loan Debt, Mental Health Support
  • Shopping Discounts.