WEA awards a Cents for Kids Grant to WEA member Alexa Ayers from Harris Park.

Alexa says the students had so much fun doing their math facts egg hunt. I used the money to buy the eggs and treats for the egg hunt. Students had to find eggs and each egg had bunny bucks in them.
They had to answer the math facts before they were able to use the bunny bucks in the Bunny Bucks Shop. Double digit math facts were worth $5 bunny bucks and simpler math facts were
worth $1 in bunny buck. This activity was great for financial literacy and financial responsibility as well. Students had to figure out how much money they had and what they wanted to buy with
it. Different prizes had different price levels.
This was great because the next topic we started is with money and having this fun introduction to it worked out so well for my math classes.