In the wake of the six-day L.A. teacher strike, which closed with victory for UTLA, DCTA members (93%) voted last night to approve a strike. Here’s a link to the media release DCTA issued after announcing the result.

“Denver teachers want to be in their classrooms with their students, not out on strike. But we have reached the tipping point in our negotiations with DPS where we must stand up for our profession and for our students and do what is best to keep dedicated, experienced teachers in this district.” – DCTA President Henry Roman.


Video of the Strike Announcement

Special education teacher Rob Gould, DCTA’s lead negotiator, made the strike vote announcement with the bargaining team to several major media outlets.

“The members have spoken. Tonight, Denver teacher overwhelmingly agreed to strike. 93 percent voted to strike. They’re striking for better pay, they’re striking for our profession, and they’re striking for Denver students.”