We have been receiving phone calls and emails requesting updates on our negotiations.  There is nothing new to report. The board of education president reported at their last board meeting in June that they would not be having a last board meeting in June because WEA could not figure out how and when to vote.  That is fake news.  We notified all of you on May 26, 2017 that because our negotiation session was too late in the year we would not have time to set up information sessions and a vote till we returned in August.  We will be holding information sessions in August when we return and then have a paper ballot vote by the middle of August.  We were noticing that we had less people voting online so that is when we decided on a paper vote.  After the vote is ratified, then you will receive your pay raises.  That means it will be a month later than last year.  If you have questions check the notice we sent you to your home emails on May 26.  The district also sent you the same information to your district email that day or the previous evening.  Hope your summer is going well.