To: All Westminster Public Schools Retirees:

Heartiest congratulations and welcome to the ranks!

You will be asked what you are doing with all of your free time and as you probably know it fills up quickly! I am going to suggest you spend a little of your free time by joining the Westminster Retired School Employees Association (WRSEA). The time commitment is very minimal. We meet for lunch quarterly at The Robert J. Landgraf Center for Teaching Excellence located at 3454 W 72nd Ave, Westminster.  It is east of the corner of 72nd and Lowell. Lunch is provided by Dino Valente which costs $12-$15 depending on the month.  A short business meeting takes place along with some entertainment – usually music from Westy High or a program from a community member.

The purpose of WRSEA is to keep retirees informed about district and other education issues and to fund scholarships for our graduating seniors. Dues are collected annually from our members – $10 for members and $2 for associate members.  Part of the dues as well as individual donations fund 2-year and 4-year college scholarships each May. WRSEA also keeps up with legislation affecting PERA.

We welcome all new members – any retired person who was employed by the district. Please contact Betty Cull, Treasurer, for more information and an application at