SPEA Shoutout! That the way its Done!

After over a year of dedication, hard work and persistence, the South Park Education Association has won their contract back! This win didn’t come without fighting for and demanding substantial changes to their district: educators entirely flipped the Board of Education this past November, and their union busting Superintendent was forced to resign. They now have a friendly Board or Education and a commitment to work collaboratively with the educators of Park County. This is a huge success that was hard fought with a strike last fall, supported by CEA members across Colorado. Some highlights of their agreement include:

  • A process to negotiate compensation, including salary and supplemental pay, previously excluded from their master agreement. They will negotiate salary for the 19-20 and 20-21 school year April 2-3 with a facilitator from FMCS;
  • A large increase to class coverage pay;
  • ESP’s have the right to become part of the bargaining unit represented by the Association if a majority of education support professionals vote for such representation in an election;
  • A leave policy that acknowledges educators as professionals and gives them more flexibility to take care of their needs;
  • Improvements to their reduction in force language for increased employee protections.

SPEA never gave up and persisted in standing strong for the schools that South Park students and educators deserve! Please congratulate SPEA for their victory with a message to: speapcsd@gmail.com