WEA News

Lobby Day – March 25, 2015

Six members of WEA attended Lobby Day on March 25, Jessica Messmer and Fran Groff-Gonzales from Westminster High, Natasha Galvez-Dunne and Chriss Kilburn from...   Read More

WEA Negotiations – March 12 Results in Tentative Agreement

School District 50 and WEA entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the 2015-2016 school year subject to ratification by the Board of Education...   Read More

WEA ESP Vice President – Gary McKee

The WEA members have elected Gary McKee as the next ESP Vice President.  His term begins June 1, and runs for 3 years.  15/16...   Read More

Negotiations – March 12 – New Location and Time

Representatives from WEA and the District will meet for negotiations on March 12. The Time has changed to: 5:00 The Place has changed to:...   Read More

Informational Picket

WEA members held an information picket on March 4. They presented to the community when and where the next Open Negotiations Session is being...   Read More

Students from Tennyson Knolls Elementary were enthusiastic for Read Across America

“Read Across America celebrates the imagination that is within all of us. We must help create a generation of students that thrive on reading,...   Read More

WEA Negotiations – February 26

Representatives from WEA and the District met on Thursday, February 28 to continue financial discussions.  WEA made offer 2 and the District countered with...   Read More

February 17, 2015 – Negotiations Started With Financials – Update

Representatives from WEA and the District met on Tuesday February 17 to commence negotiations.   The team established ground rules and began with the financial...   Read More

Feb 3rd Recap: Reclaiming the District by Putting Kids First Community Meeting

There was a great turnout of over 65 community members, parents, teacher, Education Support Professionals and administration that took time and joined in the...   Read More

Tips from the NEA: How to Cut Your Monthly Bills

Taking a closer look at bills from your service providers can reveal hidden ways to trim expenses without cutting corners. Cut Your Bills