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How to protect yourself from the latest Identity Theft scams: Have you heard of “smishing” or “doxing”? If not, find out how to safeguard...   Read More

Tell Congress to finish ESEA reauthorization because students need a better law

The Senate has passed the Every Child Achieves Act. Now ask them to keep pushing forward to get an agreement with the House. Our...   Read More

U.S. Public Schools Could Benefit From Less Test-Taking and More Equitable Funding, Says Finnish Educator

Education policymakers in the United States too often stress test-based accountability, privatization, and curriculum standardization over funding equity, collaborative learning and creative thinking, says...   Read More


Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian – of or pertaining to extremely long words . Origin – An extension of sesquipedalian using a modified form of hippopotamus and Latin...   Read More

Education, Inc. is coming to your TV!

The documentary from Douglas County parent and filmmaker Brian Malone is a must-see for everyone to understand the dark money trail behind education reform....   Read More

Secretary Duncan Stepping Down

Another Friday brought another resignation announcement, as Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced he will step down in December. President Obama has tapped Deputy Secretary...   Read More

Court Denies Thompson School District Request to Stay Injunction

Larimer County- The Colorado Appeals Court denied a motion by the Thompson School District to stay an injunction issued by the Larimer District Court...   Read More

Unusual Words – anopisthography

Anopisthography – a manuscript, parchment, or book having writing on only one side of the leaves. Origin – 1870-75; an-1+ opisthograph (1615-25; < Latin...   Read More

Take Action: Support Child Nutrition Programs

Students need good nutrition to succeed! Congress is set to renew our nation’s child nutrition programs, including school lunch and breakfast, by reauthorizing the...   Read More

Unusual Words – Logorrhea

Logorrhea – excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness Origin: New Latin  –  First Known Use: circa 1892  \-ˈrē-ik\ adjective