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It’s Education Support Professionals Day!

Today, we celebrate our Education Support Professionals!    Part of the observance of American Education Week, It’s a celebration in honor of ESPs who keep schools running...   Read More

American Education Week to Celebrate the Nation’s Public Schools and Educators

November 16-20 marks the National Education Association’s 94th annual celebration of American Education Week. The AEW festivities will honor the team of people who work...   Read More

Do you know all of the NEA Member Benefits you have access to?

Click here for a PDF document entitled, “2015-2016 Programs and Services Flyer” which is a current listing of all the NEA Member Benefits. As...   Read More

Appeals Court Reverses Masters Decision

Yesterday, the Colorado Court of Appeals, in a unanimous decision, decided to ‘reverse and remand’ an earlier decision on the ‘Masters’ educator evaluation lawsuit....   Read More

Time to Start Shopping for those Holiday Gifts – Use NEA Click & Save for Discounts

NEA’ s most popular discount program for NEA members and their families. This exclusive shopping service offers savings on brand name merchandise from hundreds...   Read More

A workshop for ESPs coming to Blackhawk

Colorado classified employees are coming together for an ESP Workshop called “Elevating Education Support Professionals: Strengthening our School Communities” and will go from 9:00am...   Read More

NEA Benefits Blast

How to protect yourself from the latest Identity Theft scams: Have you heard of “smishing” or “doxing”? If not, find out how to safeguard...   Read More

Tell Congress to finish ESEA reauthorization because students need a better law

The Senate has passed the Every Child Achieves Act. Now ask them to keep pushing forward to get an agreement with the House. Our...   Read More

U.S. Public Schools Could Benefit From Less Test-Taking and More Equitable Funding, Says Finnish Educator

Education policymakers in the United States too often stress test-based accountability, privatization, and curriculum standardization over funding equity, collaborative learning and creative thinking, says...   Read More


Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian – of or pertaining to extremely long words . Origin – An extension of sesquipedalian using a modified form of hippopotamus and Latin...   Read More