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Why British Teachers are Fleeing Overseas

The grass is greener for educators who told The Guardian they are happier now teaching in foreign schools. Their reasons for defecting will ring...   Read More

2020 Ballot Measure Survey Underway

This past fall, Prop. CC was at the center of an ongoing conversation about how we adequately fund public schools and other essential services in...   Read More

NEA ESSA Survey Closes Dec. 8

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) presents landmark opportunities to influence education in the United States through educator voice. Members at NEA-RA this summer...   Read More

Hello Fabulous WEA Members and Welcome Back from the Thanksgiving Snowpocalypse,

As you may recall we have a make-up meeting for all members who were unable to attend the October meeting at the high school...   Read More

WEA wishes you a great Thanksgiving

                            Enjoy your break with family and friends, see you in...   Read More

American Education Week — Today is Education Support Professionals Day — Wednesday, November 19

WEA would like to thank all of the WPS Education Support Professions. They are worth 100 Grand, so enjoy your treat and have a...   Read More

National Census Coming

Election 2020 isn’t the only consequential event next year. The national census will matter for every student because an accurate count is a necessary...   Read More

Teachers union, Eagle County Schools agree to dump performance pay bonus structure

Teachers were happy to see performance pay tossed onto the scrap heap. “It was a joint effort. It provides transparency and fairness for teachers,...   Read More

Enter a Scholarship Giveaway

NEA Member Benefits just opened a scholarship contest to give two members a chance to win $1,000 for their educational pursuits. If you’re the...   Read More

#Selfcare To-Do LIst for Educators to Revisit Throughout the School Year

                              (shared from the Institute for Racial Equity & Excellence)