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Chipotle Celebrates Educational Staff on Teacher Appreciation Day

Chipotle Gives Extra Credit to Educators with Special BOGO Promotion to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day Click for more details

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson presents at the TED Conference, “If there was a moment when our crisis in education hit critical mass it may well...   Read More

Dismantling the Myth of the “Average” Student

The longstanding practice of drawing conclusions about individuals using statistical averages is flawed and damaging, especially in education. There is no such thing as...   Read More

Enjoy NEA Member Benefit Savings

Enjoy savings this spring season with special discounts exclusively for NEA members! Free Gift Cards Savings on rental cars Free upgrades Vacation Rentals Many Others...   Read More

Being Organized and Active provides a measure of HOPE!

New Mexico Educators Stand Against Unfair Evaluation System For change to happen you must be a part of the process, says Becky King.  ...   Read More

Teacher and ESP Discounts: Don’t Miss These Top Offers for Educators and Education Students

We’ve done the legwork; you reap the rewards. From tech to fashion to classroom supplies, cash in on special offers just for you. Looking...   Read More

Negotiations on March 16:

Were cancelled because Westminster Public Schools had a conflict of interest.

Build Resilience in 9 Simple Steps

Learn how to get through rough patches and bounce back quickly with proven ways to build your resiliency skills. When you’re an educator, you...   Read More

NEGOTIATION March 16th Session – Location Update

The March 16, Negotiation Session between the Westminster Education Association and Westminster Public Schools has changed location. The Session will be held at Ranum...   Read More

Educators care deeply about politics. It’s in our DNA

We care not only because it’s our civic duty to participate in the political process but because we care passionately about our students and...   Read More