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Hurricane Harvey Resources & Relief

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund for NEA Members Hurricane Harvey is having a devastating impact on thousands along the Gulf Coast, including educators just starting...   Read More

WEA Members Ratify the 2017–2018 Contract

During the second and third week of August the WEA members ratified the 2017-2018 WEA contracts.  Both the Certified and the ESP contracts were...   Read More

The Battle of Charlottesville

Diane Ravitch  posted in her blog Sunday, August 13, 2017 that one person had died at Charlottesville, where white nationalists had gathered for a...   Read More

Back to School 2017: How Will You Motivate and Engage Your Students?

As you prepare to head back to school this fall, we’ve put together a panel of your colleagues to offer advice for how to...   Read More

Department of Education Will Continue to Spend

School Funding: Learn the facts and how to use them

School funding is a mix of federal, state, and local funding sources distributed through complex and ever-changing formulas, making it all too easy for...   Read More

Teacher Discounts: Don’t Miss These Top Offers for Educators and Education Students

Are you thinking about the new school year.  If so there are many educational discounts at your figure tips. NEA Member Benefits has done...   Read More

Latest Negotiations Update

We have been receiving phone calls and emails requesting updates on our negotiations.  There is nothing new to report. The board of education president...   Read More

The Secret to Singapore’s Success

High-performing countries like Finland and Singapore don’t chase narrow, short-term fixes. They ensure that high-quality teaching takes place in every classroom for every child....   Read More

WEA Members Attend Summer Leadership.

WEA members attend Summer Leadership with CEA Grants.    Karry Gertson, Diana Grosz, and Rosie Jaramillo.   The other two are members of Boulder.